Some Cooking Tips

  • Boil Chickpea Faster: Put some ice cubes along with the soaked chickpea in the pressure cooker while boiling. It will help you to boil the chickpea faster.
  • Best Bread for Sandwich: Use one day old bread for making sandwich it will help you to make a nice and firm sandwich.
  • Thawing Meat: Always thaw meats and fish in room temperature instead of keeping it under running water, it will help you to keep the flavor of meats & fish intact.
  • Coat your cheese grater with nonstick spray for delightfully clean, easy shredding.

  • Microwave lemons and limes to get more juice out: Zapping citrus for 15 or 20 seconds helps break down carbohydrates in the fruit and encourages maximum liquidity. 
  • Freeze meat to make it easier to slice for stir-fries and stews.
  • Peel lots of boiled eggs at once by shaking them around in the pot: The shells will get broken up and then slip right off when you rinse them. You can also try shaking the eggs in a closed Tupperware container.
  • Grate frozen butter straight into pastry dough for fast, even distribution: This is great for pie, biscuits, and anything else where you want to incorporate butter quickly while it’s still cold.
  • Put a dish towel or damp paper towel under your cutting board to keep it from slipping and wobbling.
  • Pre-soak pasta and it will cook in about 60 seconds: Sounds weird, but it works! Soak the pasta in water in a sealed bag for a couple hours or overnight. Then you can cook it super super fast in boiling water or just add it straight to a hot sauce in a pan and let it finish cooking there.
  • Spice Storage: Store all your spices in a cool, day and air tight container. Light, humidity, heat cause loss of aroma due to the presence of volatile elements.
  • Herbs Storage: To store fresh herbs, it is best to pick them right before they bloom. It is at this point that their flavour is strongest. Each type should be separately wrapped in a slightly damp paper towel, placed in a plastic bag, and stored under refrigeration. Dried herbs should be dated and stored in airtight containers. Frozen herbs should also be dated, and they should he in heavy plastic bags.
  • Easy Reuse of  Paneer (Cottage Cheese) Trimmings: Do not through the paneer (cottage cheese) trimmings, mash all the trimmings and mix little semolina in it. Set the paneer mash on a greased tray and keep in fridge then cut into cubes and use it.


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  3. Some Cooking Tips – Treasure of food

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  5. Some Cooking Tips – Treasure of food

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  11. Some Cooking Tips – Treasure of food

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