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Fish & Sea Food

  1. Beer-battered scampi with tartar sauce
  2. Prawn Toast
  3. Crisp Fried Crab Claws with Chili Vinegar Dip
  4. Crispy Prawns in Oyster Sauce
  5. Golden Fried Prawns
  6. Prawn Cutlet
  7. Kolkata Style Crumb Fried Fish


  1. Chinese Egg Roll
  2. Cheese Chicken Nuggets
  3. Fried Wonton
  4. Chicken Fillet Burger
  5. Chicken Ala Kiev
  6. Crispy Fried Chicken




  1. Pine nut and ricotta Filo pie
  2. Choco Chips Cookies
  3. Tomato & Olive Bruschetta
  4. Vegetable & Chickpea Burger 
  5. Jalapeno Cheese Balls
  6. Vegetable Pakora
  7. Mix Vegetable Pakora
  8. Paneer Capsicum Roll
  9. Paneer  Shashlik



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  14. Snacks – Treasure of food

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